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Basic Information

Name of University KANGWON NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Year of Establishment 1947
National/Public/Private National IEQAS* University YES
Website Website for Language Institute
* International Education Quality Assurance System
Number of international students
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 97 281 34 476 242 1,130
Number of students and professors
Professors Professor/ Associate professor Assistant professor/ Full-time lecturer Adjunct professor/ Visiting professor Part-time lecturer Etc. Total
Number of professors 675 169 53 838 376 2,111
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 693 1,078 0 20,168 0 21,939

International Student Support Program

Possible Language Courses
Availability Yes
Name of course Korean Language Program
Quota 10~15 students each class
Period of study 10 weeks
Tuition fee per semester($) $1,000
montly fee($)
Department in charge Language Trainning Institute / Staff in charge : Lee Yeonu / Staff email :
Office number +82-33-250-7156 / Fax number : +82-33-253-1843
Scholarship Support
Scholarship support for international students
Name of scholarship Academic Excellence Scholarship(Graduate course)
Coverage of scholarship Tuition deduction 40%
Amount of scholarship offered
Depending on the previous semester grade, tuition scholarship will be granted.
Name of scholarship Academic Excellence Scholarship(Undergraduate course)
Coverage of scholarship Tuition deduction 20~100%
Amount of scholarship offered
Depending on the previous semester grade, tuition scholarship will be granted.
Name of scholarship Freshman(Graduate course)
Coverage of scholarship Tuition deduction 40%
Amount of scholarship offered
*Only for the first semester
Department in charge International Affairs / Staff in charge : Jessica Park / Staff email :
Office number +82-33-250-6985 / Fax number : +82-33-253-1964
Name of scholarship Korean Language Scholarship(Undergraduate course)
Coverage of scholarship Tuition deduction 65~100%
Amount of scholarship offered
Freshman(TOPIK Level 4 or higher)
*Only for the first semester
Department in charge International Affairs / Staff in charge : Jessica Park / Staff email :
Office number +82-33-250-6985 / Fax number : +82-33-253-1964
Name of scholarship BEST-KNU
Coverage of scholarship Tuition fee,Health Insurance fee, Living Expenses
Amount of scholarship offered
Dormitory Support
Part-time Job Opportunities
Availability No

Field of Special Courses & Courses in English

Field of Special Course
The field of development priority includes information and communication technology (IT) and bio-industry field (BT), and more precisely seeks the early development of environmental industry and visual contents industry. In addition, we are supporting diverse researches aiming at boosting the field of medical engineering (MT).
Courses in English
● 1st Semester
세계경제와국제관계 World Economy and International Relations
생활프랑스어1 Living French Conversation 1
외국인을위한한국사 Korean History for Foreign Students
일본어회화1 Japanese Conversation 1
의사소통영어1 Communication English 1
비즈니스영어1 Business English 1
경영정보학원론 Principles of Management information
공장자동화시스템 Factory Automation Systems
디지털영상처리 Digital Image Processing
파일처리 File Processing
파생금융상품론 Financial Derivatives
기업외국어및실습1 Foreign Language and Practice 1
기업외국어및실습3 Foreign Language and Practice 3
무역영어회화1 International Business English Conversation 1
국제비즈니스커뮤니케이션 International Business Telecommunication
동아시아경제론 East Asia Economy
관광지리정보론 Geographical Information for Tourism
관광영어1 Tourism English 1
관광일본어 Tourism Japanese
기업영어회화 Business English
재무회계연습 Financial Accounting Practice
생체재료 Biomaterials Science
나노분말제조공정 Nano Powder Synthesis Processing
비철재료 Nonferrous Materials
건축재료설계 Design of Building Materials
건축음향설계 Building Acoustics
시뮬레이션 Simulation
ICT시스템최적화 Optimization in ICT System
생물공학특강1 Specific topics in Bioengineering and Technology Ⅰ
품질관리1 Quality Control1
미래에너지공학 Future Energy Resources Engineering
원격기후변화탐사시스템 Climatic Change Remote Sensing System
위치정보시스템 Global Positioning Information System
공업유기화학1 Organic Chemistry for Engineers 1
생명물리화학1 Physical Chemistry for Chemical and Biological EngineersⅠ
농촌휴양관광경제학 Economics of Rural Tourism and Recreation
자원경제.정책 Natural Resource Economics and Policy
자동제어 Automatic Controls
바이오자원환경학원서강독1 Biological Environmental Study in EnglishⅠ
수질화학 Water Chemistry
식품가공학2 Food Processing 2
물리화학 Physical Chemistry
유전공학 Genetic Engineering
스포츠심리학 Sport Psychology
축산식품생명과학및실험 Bioscience of Foods of Animal Origin and Lab.
축산영어 English for Animal Science
축산대기환경학및실습 Atmospheric Environment for Livestock Industry and Practice
게임심리학 Psychology of Game
성악문헌1 Vocal Literature 1
영어딕션1 English Distion1
고급영작문 Advanced English Grammar
독일어회화및작문1 German Speaking & Writing Ⅰ
독일어회화및작문3 German Speaking & Writing Ⅲ
전공독일어1 German for Major Ⅰ
전공독일어3 German for Major Ⅲ
프랑스어회화1 French Conversation 1
프랑스어회화3 French Conversation 3
프랑스역사와언어 French History and Language
역학탐구교육1 Education Inquiry in Mechanics Ⅰ
일반지질학및실험 General Geology and Lab.
성인학습및상담론 Counseling Adult Learners
영어응용음운론 Phonology in English Language Teaching
영어교육문법 English Grammar
영미시감상과지도 Reading & Teaching English Poetry
영미문화의이해와지도 Understanding and Teaching British and American Culture
영어교육특강 Topics in English Education
영어의의미와화용 English Meaning and Use
영미소설강독및지도 Reading and Teaching English Novel
영미희곡감상과공연 Reading English Drama and Performance Guidance
휴먼케어실무영어 Human Care Practical English
문화와역사 Culture and History
부동산중개론 Real Estate Brokerage
Mass communication and society Mass communication and society
성격심리학 Psychology of Personality
현대정치의쟁점 Topics in Contemporary Politics
산림환경보전론 Conservation of Forest Resources
세계유용목재론 World Important Woods
서양조경사 History of Western Landscape
임상약동학 Clinical Pharmacokinetics
세포생물학 Cell Biology
진화학 Evolution
현대식물학 Modern Plant Biology
생화학1 Biochemistry 1
진핵세포분자생물학 Molecular Biology of Eucaryotic Cells
생물재조합기술 Recombinant DNA Technology
생산저장관리기술 Production & Storage Management Technology
미생물소재학개론 Fundamentals of Microbial Resources
분자생물학실험 Molecular Biology Lab
항체복합체공학 Antibody Conjugates and Biotechnology
실무독일어번역 Translation of Practical German
고급프랑스어문법 Advanced French Grammer
영어음성학 English Phonetics
영어사 History of English Language
중급일본어회화 Intermediate Course in Japanese Conversation
한일문화비교론 Comparative Study of Korean-Japanese Culture
재일한국인과일본어문학 Japanese Literature by Korean Residents in Japan
한일교류사 History of Korea-Japanese Exchange
일본어작문2 Japanese Writing 2
일본어문법 Japanese Grammar
일본어학의이해 Understanding of Japanese Linguistics
일본어논리및논술 Logic and Writing in Japanese Language
동아시아비교사상 Comparative Thought of East Asia
시사중국어 Chinese Current Events
문화중국어 Culture chinese
윤리와실천 Ethics and Practice
고등세포생물학 Advanced Cell Biology
응용대수 Applied Algebra
확률변수론 Theory of Random Variables
수학문제해결1 Mathematical Problem Solving 1
광물학및실험 Mineralogy & Lab
지사학및실험 Historical Geology & Lab
고급지구화학및실험 Advanced Geochemistry & Lab
지구물리수치해석 Numerical analysis for Geophysics
무기화학2 Inorganic Chemistry 2
환경지구화학 Environmental Geochemistry
프로그래밍언어론 Programming Language Concepts
건물시스템 Building Systems
일반구조 Building Construction
열역학 Thermodynamics
과학논리및논술 Logic and Writing in Science
영국문학개관 Survey of British Literature
경제탐구1 Economic Thinking 1
사회학강독1 Reading in Sociology 1
산불학개론 Introduction to Forest Fire
제지유기화학1 Fiber ChemistryⅠ
도시생태및녹지디자인 Urban Ecosystem & Greenspace Design
수의학용어 Veterinary Medical Terminology
인체의구조와기능2 Construction & Function of Human body 2
생명유기화학 Essential Organic Chemistry for Life Sciences
고급분자생물학 Advanced Molecular Biology

● 2nd Semester
생활프랑스어2 Living French Conversation 2
기초일본어2 Living Japanese 2
일본어회화2 Japanese Conversation 2
외국인을위한한국사 Cultural heritage of Korea
세계경제와국제관계 World Economy and International Relations
의사소통영어1 Communication English 1
수치해석및연습 Numerical Analysis
마케팅커뮤니케이션 Marketing Communication
서비스마케팅 Service Marketing
기업외국어및실습2 Foreign Language and Practice 2
기업외국어및실습4 Foreign Language and Practice 4
관광영어2 Tourism English 2
관광일본어2 Tourism Japanese 2
기업실무영어 Business English 2
재무회계연습 Financial Accounting Practice
거시경제학2 Macroeconomics 2
무역영어회화2 International Business English Conversation 2
한국무역론 Korea's Foreign Trade and Development
세계지역경제론 World Regional Economy
무역영어2 International Business English 2
건축과정보기술 Architecture and Information Technology
건축열환경2 Architectural Thermal Environment Ⅱ
수자원시스템설계 Design of Water Resource Systems
미래에너지공학 Future Energy Resources Engineering
복합재료 Composite Materials
친환경나노소재 Eco-Nanomaterials
생물공학특강2 Specific topics in Bioengineering and Technology Ⅱ
신뢰성공학 Reliability Engineering
유체역학2 Fluid Mechanics 2
재활공학 Introduction to Rehabilitation Engineering
고분자공학 Polymer Engineering
화학반응기설계 Chemical Reactor Design
환경모델링 Environmental Modeling
웹기반환경정보관리 Web-based Environmental Management Information System
메카트로닉스소재 Mechtronics Materials
풍력공학개론 Introduction to Wind Engineering
식물환경학 Plant and Environmental Sciences
환경미생물학 Environmental Microbiology
환경정화 Environmental Remediation
바이오자원환경학원서강독2 Biological Environmental Study in EnglishⅡ
토목전산설계및연습2 Computer Aided Design and Practice Ⅱ
생명과학의이해 Understanding of Life Science
에너지공학개론 Introduction to Energy Engineering
식품가공학1 Food Processing 1
환경경제.정책 Environmental Economics and Policy
바이오공정학 Bioprocess Engineering
사료전공용어및영어 Feed Terminology and English
동물세포공학 Animal Cell Engineering
식품품질관리학 Quality Control of Food Products
시스템생물학 Systems Biology
성악문헌2 Vocal Literature 2
영어딕션 English Diction
피아노문헌2 Piano Literature 2
게임산업 Gaming Industry
영문법지도 Teaching English Grammar
셰익스피어강독 Readings Shakespeare
영어작문과회화연습 English Composition and Conversation Practice
교실영어와회화연습 Classroom English and Conversation Practice
응용언어학 Applied Linguistics
영어토론과지도 Teaching English Discussion
영미소설감상 Reading English Novel
영어교육음성론 Phonetics in English Language Teaching
고급영어표현2 Topics in English EducationⅡ
교육공학(외국화상강의) Educational Technology
글로벌한국사 Korean History in the globe
수학기초론 Foundation of Mathematics
역학탐구교육2 Education Inquiry in Mechanics Ⅱ
부동산시장분석론 Market Analysis of Real Estate
도시재생론 Urban Regeneration
21세기글로벌아젠다 Global Agenda of the 21th Century
아프리카의문화와사회 African Culture and Society
유전자원보전학 Forest Genetic Resources Conservation
바이오메스론 Biomass
산림생장모델론 Forest Growth Modeling
환경심리학 Environmental Psychology
제지공정설계및제어 Desing and Control of Papermaking Process
산불생태학 Forest Fire Ecology
동물행동학 Animal Behavior
증거위주임상진단학 Evidence-based Diagnostic Medicine
천연물의약품 Natural Medicines
유전학 Genetics
생화학2 Biochemistry 2
분자발생학 Molecular Developmental Biology
물류유통기술 Bio/Health Marketing Technology
유전학 Genetics
인체생리학 Human Physiology
인체유전학 Human Genetics
실험설계및분석 Experimental Design and Data Analysis
진단미생물학 Clinical and Diagnostic Microbiology
고급시사영어 Advanced Current English
영어학특강 Seminar in English Linguistics
영어발음과청해 English Speech Sounds
영시로배우는영어 English through Poetry
영어어휘의이해 English Morphology
영어연설과토론 Speech & Debate
독일어.영어번역 German-English Translation
독일어회화및작문2 German Speaking & Writing Ⅱ
독일어회화및작문4 German Speaking & Writing Ⅳ
전공독일어2 German for Major Ⅱ
전공독일어4 German for Major Ⅳ
프랑스어회화2 French Conversation 2
프랑스어회화4 French Conversation 4
전문프랑스어 Professional French
프랑스현대사회 French Modern Society
프랑스어음성학 French Phonetics
중국현대문학강독 Studies in Modern Chinese Literature
중국신문강독 Studies in Chinese Newpaper
초급중국어작문 Primary Chinese Composition
심화중국어작문 Chinese Composition
비즈니스중국어회화 Chinese Business Conversation
중국소설과문화 Chinese Novels and Culture
중국어발표와토론 Presentations and Discussions in Chinese
고급일본어회화 Advanced Course in Japanese Conversation
테마일본사 Japanese History by Theme
국제사회와일본 Japan in Interantional Society
일본어작문1 Japanese Writing 1
일본사자료탐방 Investigation into Japanese Historical Materials
근현대일본사상 Japanese Thought of Modern
일본어의경어표현 Japanese Honorifics
일본어중급독해 Intermediate Japanese Reading
일본어교육론 Educational Theories in Teaching Japanese Language
일본어교재연구및지도법 Survey and Guidance of Textbooks in Japanese Language
일본문학과번역 Japanese Literatue and Translation
임상철학 Clinical Philosophy
결정광학및실험 Optical Crystallography & Lab
환경지구화학 Environmental Geochemistry
선형대수학2 Linear Algebra 2
수학문제해결2 Mathematical Problem Solving 2
통계소프트웨어및실습 Statistical Software
생존분석및실습 Survival Analysis
유기금속화학 Organometallic Chemistry
환경보호론 Environmental Conservation
지능시스템 Intelligent Systems
센서응용공학 Sensor Application Engineering
무선통신 Wireless Communication
SoC설계 System on Chip Design
머신비전 Machine Vision
원가회계 Cost Accounting
건축환경 Environmental Planning and Design Technology
친환경건축재료 Sustainable Building Material
디자인잉글리쉬2 Design English Ⅱ
영어학입문 Introduction to English Linguistics
영어논리와논술 Logical Thinking and Writing in English
영어과교재연구및지도법 Materials & Method in Teaching English
기초심리학 Basics in Psychology
사회학강독2 Reading in Sociological Studies Ⅱ
제지유기화학2 Fiber Chemistry Ⅱ
역학.인수공통질병학및실습 Epidemiology, Zoonoses and Practices
면역학 Immunology
인체의구조와기능1 Construction & Function of Human body 1
일반생화학 Introduction to Biochemistry
운영체제 Operating System
Courses in other Foreign Languages

School facilities

General Dormitory
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) $0.00 $3,599.00 $359.00 $380.00
Capacity of Dormitory 4,530
- We provide two types(2 or 4 people room) of accommodations to all new students. You can apply for a dormitory when you do the online application for the KNU Admission.
- Students can freely use a dorm cafeteria buying a meal ticket($4).
Dormitory for International Students
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) $0.00 $192.00 $0.00 $0.00
Capacity of Dormitory 192
Global Dormitory
- Equipped with kitchen furniture
- Every month-gas fee payment
Student Cafeteria
Divsion Breakfast Lunch Dinner Average cost per meal($)
Offered or not Y Y Y 4

Tuition Fee per Sememter($)

Affiliation(Department) Bachelor's Master's Doctorate Combined master's and doctorate Etc.
Engineering 1,966 2,558 2,558 2,558
Arts 2,047 2,782 2,782 2,782
Humanities and Social Sciences 1,518 2,000 2,000 2,000
Natural Sciences 1,750 2,458 2,458 2,458
Sports Science 1,966 2,609 2,609 2,609


● Student Welfare Facilities
- Barber shop, Printing room, Optician shop, Bookstore, Daily life goods shop, Bakery, Shoe shop, Convenience store, Stationery store, Mobile communication store, Photo studio

● Other facilities
- Library and theater, Club room, KNU Clinic center, Venue, Stadium, Sports center

● Cafeteria
- 3 Student cafeterias, Staff cafeteria, 3 Dormitory cafeteria

Special Course for International Students

Name of curricula Language
Period of study Enrollment period
Quota Application period
Tuition fee Scholarship
Required documentation

Admission information(Master's)

Enrollment period March, September
Application period May, November Period of study 2years
Admission Guidelines
+82-33-250-6985, 7192

Information of department

Number Name of University Affiliation(Department) Department/Major Quota English-taught
1 Electrical and Electronic Engineering Chuncheon
2 Music
3 Chinese Language and Literature
4 Home Economics Education
5 German Language and Literature
6 Dance
7 Fine Art
8 French Language and Literature
9 Storytelling
10 Public Administration
11 Tourism
12 Fire Protection Engineering
13 Architecture Design
14 Vehicle Engineering
15 Mechanical •Automative Engineering
16 Civil Engineering
17 Architectural System Engineering
18 Electrical Engineering
19 Materials & Metallurgical Engineering
20 Control & Instrumentation Engineering
21 Energy & Chemical Engineering
22 Visual & Multimedia Design
23 Nursing
24 Architectural Engineering
25 Architecture
26 Business Administration
27 Economics
28 Science Education
29 Tourism Administration
30 Education
31 Korean Language and Literature
32 International Trade & Business
33 Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering
34 Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
35 Materials Science and Engineering
36 Agricultural & Resource Economics
37 Animal Biotechnology
38 Feed Science and Technology
39 Animal Products and Food Science
40 Animal Science
41 Design
42 Cultural Anthropology
43 Physics
44 Law
45 Medical Health Sciences
46 Real Estate
47 Molecular Bioscience
48 History
49 Social Education
50 Sociology
51 Forest Management
52 Forest Biomaterials Engineering
53 Forest Resources
54 Forest Environment Protection
55 System & Management Engineering
56 Bio-Health Technology
57 Biological Sciences
58 Bioengineering and Technology
59 Medical Biomaterials Engineering
60 Biochemistry
61 Veterinary Medicine
62 Mathematics
63 Sport Science
64 Systems Immunology
65 Journalism and Mass Communication
66 Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
67 Psychology
68 Pharmacy
69 Visual Culture
70 English
71 English Education
72 English Language and Literature
73 Horticulture
74 Early Childhood Education
75 Emergency Medical Rehabilitation
76 Medical Biotechnology
77 Medicine
78 Japanese Studies
79 Electrical & Electronics Engineering
80 Electronics Engineering
81 Electronic, Information & Communication Engineering
82 Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
83 Political Science
84 Paper Science & Engineering
85 Landscape Architecture
86 Geophysics
87 Geographic Information System [Forest Management, Social Education, Landscape Architecture]
88 Regional Infrastructures Engineering
89 Regional Economics
90 Geology
91 Philosophy
92 Computer Science
93 Computer and Communications Engineering
94 Civil Engineering
95 Statistics
96 Public Administration
97 Chemical Engineering
98 Chemistry
99 Environmental Engineering
100 Environmental Management and Policy [Biological Environment Program , Public Administration, Environmental Science]
101 Environmental Science
102 Accounting
103 Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in BIT Medical Convergence [Biology, Medicine, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering]
104 Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Horticulture and Biosystems Engineering [Horticulture, Biosystems Engineering]
105 Biosystems Engineering
106 Biological Environment Program
107 Applied Plant Sciences Program
108 Food Science & Biotechnology Program
109 Applied Biology
110 Energy and Resources Engineering
111 Earth and Environmental Engineering
112 Leisure Sports
113 Environmental Consulting [Business Administration, Law, Environmental Science]
The university staff is reponsible for the the above listed information.
We kindly advise candidates to apply for universities according to their preference by searching and collecting university information through various channels(internet,university website, press report, etc).
Last modified : 2020-05-04