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Basic Information

Name of University DAEDUK COLLEGE Year of Establishment 1981.3.7
National/Public/Private Private IEQAS* University NO
Website Website for Language Institute
* International Education Quality Assurance System
Number of international students
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 0 0 0 0 0 0
Number of students and professors
Professors Professor/ Associate professor Assistant professor/ Full-time lecturer Adjunct professor/ Visiting professor Part-time lecturer Etc. Total
Number of professors 68 48 79 171 0 366
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 0 0 0 3,864 0 3,864

International Student Support Program

Possible Language Courses
Availability Yes
Name of course
Period of study
Tuition fee per semester($)
montly fee($)
Scholarship Support
Scholarship support for international students
Name of scholarship
Coverage of scholarship
Amount of scholarship offered
Dormitory Support
Availability Yes
Dormitory capacity
Dormitory monthly fee($)
Availability Yes
Dormitory capacity
Dormitory monthly fee($)
Part-time Job Opportunities

Field of Special Courses & Courses in English

Field of Special Course
Courses in English
Korean Language Training Course
- 4 semesters per year
- 10 weeks per 1 semester
- 5 times per 1 week
Courses in other Foreign Languages
Love for Students, Touching Education Daeduk University, DAEDUK UNIVERSITY

*2004-2005 Selected as the best college in the nation for Community College Specialization Project
*2005-2007 Certified as a college of superior service quality three times in a row by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy
*2008-2009 Selected as a college to foster outstanding workforce for College Academic Strengthening Project twice in a row

Daeduk University is located in the center of Daedeok Innopolis, the cradle for information and communication of the Republic of Korea. Each major at Daeduk University is a specialized education program that realizes the university’s founding philosophy “Love for Students, Touching Education” and the on-site, hands-on education system and mentoring as the teaching method, Daeduk University puts efforts so that students can get realistic benefits in finding employment: Employment rate announced by the Ministry of Education in 2008 was 92%. Daeduk University has a cutting-edge Ubiquitous lecture building, a state-of-the-art student dormitory that can accommodate 1,000 co-ed students, an ultramodern fitness center, and International Cooperation Center that supports students in their practicum abroad.

School facilities

General Dormitory
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Capacity of Dormitory 980
Dormitory for International Students
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Capacity of Dormitory 0
Student Cafeteria
Divsion Breakfast Lunch Dinner Average cost per meal($)
Offered or not N N N 2.5

Tuition Fee per Sememter($)

Affiliation(Department) Bachelor's Master's Doctorate Combined master's and doctorate Etc.
Performing Arts Division 7,866 0 0 0
Humanities Division 5,610 0 0 0
Engineering&Computing Division 7,866 0 0 0


'1. Library
To support educational activities, curriculums, and researches through collecting, organizing, analyzing, archiving, and accumulating a variety of academic resources.

2. Dormitories
About 11240 square meter space that can accommodate 800 students, and provides convenience facilities for residents of Daeduk Dormitory 1 and 2 such as cafeteria, store, reading room, lounge, karaoke, laundromat, exercise room, and movie theater.

3. Fitness Center
An ultra-modern fitness center operated to promote the health of students, faculties, and local community; suggests individualized exercise programs; and equipped with state-of-the-art health training equipment.

4. Tennis courts, golf practice range, futsal court, basketball court, gym, and others


Special Course for International Students

Admission information(Master's)

Information of department

Number Name of University Affiliation(Department) Department/Major Quota Etc.
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