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Basic Information

Name of University DONGGUK UNIVERSITY(Seoul) Year of Establishment 1906.5.8
National/Public/Private Private Admission of International Students YES
Website Website for Language Institute
SNS Information
Number of international students
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 108 902 35 988 1 2,034
Number of students and professors
Professors Professor/ Associate professor Assistant professor/ Full-time lecturer Adjunct professor/ Visiting professor Part-time lecturer Etc. Total
Number of professors 465 246 294 818 0 1,823
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 718 1,350 221 15,612 0 17,901

International Student Support Program

Possible Language Courses
Availability Yes
Name of course Korean Language Course
Quota 250
Period of study 10 weeks/term
Qualifications High school graduates
Tuition fee per semester($) 1416/3 months
montly fee($) 400/month
Scholarship Support
Scholarship support for international students
Name of scholarship International Scholarship
Coverage of scholarship
Amount of scholarship offered 30% to 60% of tuition
GPA and TOPIK test results
Department in charge Office of International Admissions / Staff in charge : Lee, Soo Bin / Staff email :
Office number 0222604944 / Fax number : 0222604945
Name of scholarship SRD Scholarships
Coverage of scholarship
Amount of scholarship offered 100% of tuition fee
Available courses
⦁Master’s programs
⦁Master’s & Ph.D. integrated programs
⦁Ph.D. programs

⦁Tuitions fee 100% waiver
⦁Additional grant available when participate in faculty research
Dormitory Support
Availability Yes
Dormitory capacity 100
Dormitory monthly fee($) 313
Qualifications International Students
Department in charge Office of International Admissions / Staff in charge : Lee, Soo Bin / Staff email :
Office number 0222604944 / Fax number : 0222604945
Part-time Job Opportunities
Availability No

Field of Special Courses & Courses in English

Field of Special Course
Korean Language & Literature, Creative Writing
The four-year undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in the theory and history of Korean language and literature. The first two years are geared to broadening students' understanding in Korean language and literature, while the remaining two years are designed to deepen their knowledge in Korean language and literature.

Japanese Language & Literature
The Major's educational goal is to cultivate talents who can play a leading role in the cultural interchange between the countries. In order to make it possible for each student to perform activities in the fields related with Japan, the major exerts itself to produce professionals with broad knowledge. The four-year undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in the theory and applications of Japanese linguistics and literature. The first two years are geared to broadening students' understanding in Japanese language and literature, while the remaining two years are designed to deepen their knowledge in Japanese as a language, literature, and culture.

English Language & Literature
English Literature is an important base for understanding western civilization, as well as a basis for understanding Korean literature. By examining English cultures through their language and literature, students can understand the cultural aspects of our society and become prospective professionals in the field. The four-year undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in English works and cultures.

Economics is the study of the basic principles of economic phenomena, with individual, corporate and governments, who are the subjects of economic behavior, making choices under the constraints of scarce resources, and how such choices allocate resources to society.

International Trade
The Department of International Trade aims to train specialists, through both academic research and practices with comprehensive theoretical understanding and good practical understanding of the world economy, global business management, and international trade.

Food Industry Management
The economic and social issues of agriculture, rural and food industries are systematically studied and learned to revitalize the potential economic and social functions of the food industry and train professionals and business managers who can directly or indirectly contribute to the development and fostering of the food venture industry.

Business Management
The main objective of Dongguk Business School is to help students take leading roles in the global economy. To achieve educational objectives, Dongguk Business School provides students with in-depth knowledge, strategic perspectives, and analytical abilities. Dongguk Business School also encourages students to take part in extracurricular activities and Internship programs as well as to research academic knowledge and concepts. Dongguk Business School program takes an interdisciplinary approach in management education by providing four areas of study that include international trade, business management, management information system, and accounting. Students integrate several areas of management study to pursue their professional goals.

Film & Digital Media
The Department of Performing Arts is recognized as one of the premier training programs (Master of Fine Arts) in Korea, both for the quality of its faculty and its remarkable curriculum. Our goal is to educate professional actors, actresses and staff through intensive and advanced educational programs. It has an outstanding and varied cooperation system in conjunction with the theatre department of the undergraduate school, which has the longest history and tradition in Korea.

Media Communications
Media Communication major concentrates on human interactions and social changes occurred through the advancement of media and information technology. Our department offers education and professional training to students who will work in the fields of media, information, and culture industry. The courses offered by our department are designed to give students the opportunity to learn both academic and practical knowledge about journalism, broadcasting, news media, strategic communication, and human interactions.

Advertising and Public Relations
The Department of Advertising and Public Relations at Dongguk University aims foremost to spearhead in developing advertising contents in digitalized formats and innovative, high-tech oriented campaigns for advertising and PR. For this purpose, the Department works closely with related departments housed in the same College of Digital Image and Contents such as the Dept. of Film & Digital Media and the Dept. of Game & Multimedia Engineering. The Dept. of Advertising and PR also looks to provide students with hands-on experiences with industrial practices before graduation, through internship programs with leading companies in advertising and PR. Most of the core curriculum is designed for areas of practice such as advertising PR planning/management and advertising creativity.

Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering has provided fundamental education on Computer Science and created an outstanding research program. The major program in Computer Science and Engineering, as a forerunner of computer education, aims to train IT specialists who will lead the knowledge and information society.

Information Communication Engineering
The program in Information Communication Engineering focuses on improving the discipline and the technology at the forefront of the twenty-first century information society and on developing creative technologies. The ultimate purpose of education is to cultivate individuals who can contribute to the country’s development and the prosperity of human society.
Courses in English
The Dongguk Global MBA is a full-time, AACSB-accredited master's program that aims to produce creative and resourceful leaders with expert knowledge of international management theory and a grounding in practical management experience.
From applied theory specialist courses to practical program, our Global MBA program caters to the needs of today's managers : the managerial confidence to drive innovation and change, with the resourcefulness and practicality that marks out steady leadership.
For students keen to vary their international education, Dongguk offers dual degree and exchange programs for MBA students top universities at America, China.
Expand your horizons with the Dongguk Global MBA. It's a worthwhile investment in developing your career.

Courses in other Foreign Languages

School facilities

General Dormitory
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) $ 450 $ 313 $ 0 $ 0
Capacity of Dormitory 750
* Seoul Campus : Namsanhaksa (Double Occupancy)
- Website :
* Ilsan BMC : Goyanghaksa (Single / Double Occupancy)
- Website :
Dormitory for International Students
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) $ 450 $ 313 $ 0 $ 0
Capacity of Dormitory 100
* Seoul Campus : Namsanhaksa (Double - Approx. 370,000KRW/month)
* Ilsan BMC : Goyanghaksa
(Single - Approx. 531,000KRW/ month, Double - Approx. 300,000KRW/month)
* For KGSP students who live in dormitory can get 200,000KRW/ month from university.
Student Cafeteria
Divsion Breakfast Lunch Dinner Average cost per meal($)
Offered or not Y Y Y 2~5

Tuition Fee per Sememter($)

Affiliation(Department) Bachelor's Master's Doctorate Combined master's and doctorate Associate Degree Etc.
Field of Engineering and Arts 4,324 5,907 5,907 5,907 Scholarship based on GPA & Language Proficiency test result(30~50% of tuition fee)
Department of Pharmacy 0 6,562 6,562 6,562 Scholarship based on GPA & Language Proficiency test result(30~50% of tuition fee)
Department of Medicine and Oriental Medicine 6,950 6,950 6,950 Scholarship based on GPA & Language Proficiency test result(30~50% of tuition fee)
Field of Natural Science 3,800 5,188 5,188 5,188 Scholarship based on GPA & Language Proficiency test result(30~50% of tuition fee)
Humanities&Social Science 3,276 4,472 4,472 4,472


1. Facilities for students' campus life
Gymnasium (every sporting equipment), internet cafe, museum, language lab, multimedia room, basketball court, etc.

2. Korean Cultural Experience Programs
Cultural experience programs for KGSP students and International Students will be offered at least twice a semester.
A variety of events such as traditional Korean cultural experience classes, concerts and excursions to amusement parks, Temple stay etc. will be offered.
Also KGSP students will be asked to participate in two events to celebrate the start and the end.

3. Tutoring Program
Dongguk has provided tutoring programs to improve academic achievement levels. The tutoring team consists of one Korean tutor with three-to-five international students. The team meets up and studies at least two hours a week and eight times a semester to achieve fluency in the designated subject.

Special Course for International Students

Admission information(Master's)

Enrollment period Every March/September
Application period Every May/October Period of study 4 semesters(2 years)
Admission Guidelines 22-1 admission guide(Graduate).pdf
1. Required Documents
① Application Form
② Study Plan
③ Letter of Consent for education career inquiry
④ Applicants staying in Korea: Each copy of applicant's passport and alien card
Applicants staying overseas: 1 copy of applicant's passport
⑤ Certificate of Entry & Exit
⑥ Certificate of undergraduate school Diploma and BA degree
⑦ Transcripts of all academic years in university
⑧ Recommendation Letter
⑨ Score reports of official language proficiency tests
⑩ Certificate of Chinese degree(for Chinese students)
⑪ Proof of parents' nationality
⑫ Original or notarized family relations Certificate (Applicant and both parents)

* Proof of divorce or death of parents if applicable

2. Admissions Eligibility
Nationality and General Requirement : International Students whose parents are non korean citizens including him/herself, BA degree holders or who are expected to attain a BA degree.

Language requirement : Acquired TOPIK level 3 or English language proficiency test score(PBT 530, CBT 197, IBT 71, IELTS 5.5, CEFR B2, TEPS 600, New TEPS 327) or Applicants from English-speaking countries or Those who are attain a BA, MA, DC from Korea university.

3. Admissions Procedure
1) Online application
2) Submission of Documents
3) Interview

Information of department

Number Name of University Affiliation(Department) Department/Major Quota English-taught
1 Humanities Korean Language and Literature
2 MBA Global MBA
3 Engineering VR�AR Technology
4 Natural Science Home Economics
5 Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering
6 Engineering Architecture Engineering
7 Engineering Architecture
8 Social Science Information Management
9 Social Science Busine
10 Humanities Economics
11 Social Science Police Administration
12 Social Science Advertisement and Public Relations
13 Humanities Education
14 Humanities Multicultural Studies
15 Humanities International Trade
16 Engineering Mechanical Engineering
17 Engineering Technology Enterpreneurship
18 Engineering Multimedia Engineering
19 Arts Multi-Media
20 Arts Culture Contents
21 Natural Science Department of Physics
22 Humanities Media Communication Major
23 Humanities Art History
24 Arts Fine Arts
25 Natural Science Biological and Environmental Science
26 Natural Science Semiconductor Science
27 Social Science Law
28 Humanities North Korean Studies
29 Humanities Buddhist Studies
30 Humanities History
31 Humanities Sociology
32 Engineering Industrial and Systems Engineering
33 Natural Science Life Science
34 Humanities Seon Studies
35 Natural Science Mathematics
36 Engineering Smart & Innovative Materials Engineering
37 Arts Sport Science Convergence
38 Humanities Food Industrial Management
39 Natural Science Food Science & Biotechnology
40 Natural Science Pharmacy
41 Social Science Geography
42 Arts Theatre
43 Humanities English Language and Literature
44 Arts Film and Digital Media
45 Arts Film Studies
46 Engineering Energy and Materials Engineering
47 Engineering Medical Device Business
48 Natural Science Medical Biotechnology
49 Medicine Medicine
50 Engineering Artificial Intelligence
51 Humanities Indian Philosophy
52 Humanities Japanese Studies
53 Engineering Autonomous Things Intelligence
54 Engineering Electronics and Electrical Engineering Major
55 Engineering Information and Communication Engineering
56 Humanities Politics
57 Natural Science Industrial Pharmacy
58 Humanities Chinese Language and Literature
59 Social Science Geography
60 Humanities Philosophy
61 Arts Phisical
62 Engineering Computer Engineering Major
63 Natural Science Department of Statistics and Data Science
64 Engineering Fintech and Blockchain
65 Humanities East Asian Buddhist Literature Translation
66 Medicine Korean Medicine
67 Humanities Public Administration
68 Engineering Chemical Engineering
69 Natural Science Chemistry
70 Social Science Accounting
The university staff is reponsible for the the above listed information.
We kindly advise candidates to apply for universities according to their preference by searching and collecting university information through various channels(internet,university website, press report, etc).
Last modified : 2022-05-10