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Scholarship programs

1. I want to know more about KGSP scholarship programs.
If you are interested in scholarship programs offered by NIIED, you may visit the GKS Notice to check the latest Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) guidelines on the Studyinkorea website, → Scholarships → GKS Notice to search for information on the relevant degree course guidelines.

Please download all attached documents as well as guidelines and read it thoroughly to understand eligibility and application procedures. This program includes 1 year of language courses for undergraduate, associate and graduate degree courses.

You may also visit our website to check GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) and other scholarship programs for international students. → Scholarships
2. When is the application period for KGSP?
The KGSP for undergraduate and associate degree courses is announced once a year around September to select scholars for next March (spring semester) and the KGSP for graduate degrees is announced in February to select scholars for the following September (fall semester). Please download and check detailed information from the relevant guidelines.
3. Do you have a scholarship program for exchange students?
To be eligible for a Korean government Support Program as a Foreign Exchange Student, you need to be recommended by one of the Korean universities. If you are planning to study in one of the Korean universities, you can ask the staff members in the exchange program of the university whether they could recommend you to be a Korean government Support Program for Foreign Exchange Student or not, since NIIED only evaluates the exchange students who are recommended by a Korean university.
4. Do you have a scholarship program for those taking only Korean language courses?
Unfortunately NIIED does not provide a scholarship program to those taking only Korean language courses. The Korea Foundation (KF) organizes the Korean Language Training Fellowship program for international students.
- Program Information:
- Application Portal:
5. Can I get some information on scholarship programs other than KGSP?
Please visit our website to check scholarship programs from other institutions in Korea. → Scholarships → Other institutions/ University scholarships
6. Do you have a scholarship programs for high school students?
NIIED is a government institution focused on organizing government scholarships and training programs for international students primarily for university/college students. We do have Korea-Japan Educational Exchange Program which is for high school students.
For high school students, you may contact the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education or contact the high school where you wish to study directly.
- Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Website: