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Daily life in Korea

How to make medical appointments
To receive fast and convenient treatment it is recommended that you make medical appointments in advance. You can make appointments by visiting or calling the hospital. Also, appointments are available through fax or the hospital website. When you visit a hospital to make an appointment, bring your insurance card with you. Fill out an appointment application form and submit it at the Patient Affairs Department window.
- Severance Hospitals (Service for foreigners)
   Tel. 02-2228-5800 or 02-392-3404
- Ewha Womans University hospital center(Mokdong)
   Service for foreigners: 02-2650-5890
Tip University Health Center
* When needing medicine for a flu or headache, students do not need to go to a clinic or pharmacy, but can instead use university health centers on campus. University health centers have flu medicine, painkillers, digestive medicine, and first-aid medicine and staff for assistance. For university students, all the medicine is free of charge.
Last modified : 2022-07-26